Fishing Reports

Fishing Report – May

Having really good spring fishing on Kootenay Lake. Most days getting at
least one real nice rainbow in the 9 to 15 lb class. Lots of small rainbows
to fill in the day. Not getting a lot of mid size fish in the 3 - 8 lb
range. Seem to be missing those year class fish where I'm fishing. 
Had a twelve pounder yesterday that hit so hard and made the reel scream so
loud that all three of us jumped. Poor Trudy who was standing right beside
it jumped the highest!! Ha Ha. In its first run it ripped off more than 200
ft of line. A gorgeous bright chrome spring rainbow!

Lures of choice are the 215, 226, 234, 203, for Kootenay Flies. Lyman's - 16
and 69. And sometimes the cop car apex. 

Still lots of great spring fishing left. Give me a call and let's get out
for a couple days!!

Tight Lines ... Brad Stubbs
Cell: 250-265-7110

Fishing Report – March

Had some pretty good Bull Trout fishing in February and March which is
typical for this time of year. Lyman’s have been my lure of choice at 2.2 -
2.4 mph. Top 30 ft has been the best. Smaller ones have been deep on the


I am planning some trips on Arrow Lk in about a week to ten days. The north
end of the lake has some great bull trout fishing in the spring. Usually
good numbers of fish up there. For you folks from Alberta you can stay in
Revelstoke which is only about 5 hrs from Calgary, then meet me at the ferry
landing in the morning. A great close getaway!! If you are interested in
this trip give me a call soon. I will only be doing this trip for a few
weeks then I’ll be back over to Kootenay Lake.


Spring Rainbow trout fishing on Kootenay Lake will be firing up in about a
month or so. Usually around the end of April after the water has warmed up a
bit the rainbows get aggressive and put on the feed bags again. I’m starting
to get booked for May, so a good idea to start planning now and get you on
the calendar.

Salmon and Halibut fishing in Ucluelet. Looks like it’s going to be a great
year! Forcasts are for huge numbers of chinooks returning to the Columbia
River. Also the Stamp river forcast looks above normal which will help us
with the local fish. Supposed to be some 5 year old fish mixed in there this
year. Those are the real big guys 30 – 45lbers.  All these fish come down
the fish highway and stop to feed at Ucluelet. Already hearing of lots of
herring in the area which will hold the fish there.  Our job is to thin them
out a little and put some fish in our freezer. Lol  90% booked for these
trips from June 18 till the end of August. Going to be a great summer. Lots
of fish!


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Lots of great fishing trips to be planned. I’m looking forward to hearing
from you soon!


Tight Lines : Brad Stubbs

Fishing Report – Feb 13

For most of the month of January I was doing a big upgrade on the boat. Stripped her all down and took her to Dieters Autobody in Nakusp. We beefed up the transom, and changed a few things at the back of the boat to make it better for fishing. Dieter did lots of glass work and filled in any blemishes. Then he painted it and it looks awesome!! That took a few weeks then over to Jones Boys Boats to get the pod and motor put on. Put a 300hp Yamaha on the pod, my kicker, new helm and gauges on the dash, new electronic controls, a helm at the back of the boat, and plumbed her all in. Then all we had to do was see if it would work?? Chad and I launched her and out we went. It didn’t take long for a big smile to come across my face, and it hasn’t left since. The boat performs better in every way. Smoother ride, stays on plane at slower speeds, faster, easier to drive etc etc. Oh ya, most importantly it still catches fish!!!

The crew at Jones Boys Boats did a real bang up job setting her up. If your interested in repowering your old boat I would highly recommend them!! Was out fishing the last week, and it’s been ok. Been mostly bull trout, but some nice fat ones. Lyman plugs have been working best for me in the top 30 ft. About 90% booked for salmon/ halibut fishing in Ucluelet this summer. If your wanting to experience this fantastic fishery drop me a line soon. All forcasts are pointing to great returns of fish. Now that the boat work is done I’m looking forward to getting back out fishing!! Hope you can join me soon!

Tight Lines…. Brad Stubbs Cell: 250-265-7110

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"Lots of big fish and good laughs, you are truly a professional and we look forward to fishing with you again in the winter on Kootenay Lake. "

- Blaine

"How do 3 and 1/2 men bring home their catch after a salmon trip with Kootenay Kingfisher

Answer: 2 cars and 6 coolers :)"

- Vern



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