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Fishing Report – February 6, 2007

A couple of weeks ago my 9 year old son Kolton had a day off school, so we decided to go scouting for the day together. We phoned up two of his buddies Josh and Diego, and they were in, so we head off the next morning to see what we can scrounge up. I wanted to try some new lures and colors, so this would be a good oppurtunity.

We hit the water about 9:00am, and I start to set out the lines, and of course the boys decided to start eating the lunch. The lines are out, but the fish aren’t interested. The boys keep their spirits high by ingesting high amounts of sugar, and whatever is in Doritos, and by 11:00am I can basically turn off the trolling motor because they are vibrating so much the boat is moving under their power.

Finally at around noon the bite turns on, and Josh who had quickly volunteered to go first is cranking in a nice Bull Trout. He did awesome with lots of cheering from the peanut gallery behind him, and we net a nice plump 5 lber. Well the boat goes wild with high fives all around, and even a couple of hugs. Out comes more sugar to celebrate.

I get the lines back out, and within 15 minutes I yell fish on and it’s Diego’s turn. He hangs on and starts cranking. We can tell this is a bigger fish, and sure enough we eventually net a 7lber. The peanut gallery goes wild with this fish flopping on the floor. More high fives and hugs, and a round of sugar and Dorito’s for everyone!!

Now it’s Kolton’s turn. He was gracious enough to let his friends go first, so I hoped he would get a chance to catch a fish. I put a time limit to head home at about 3:00pm as we still had a 1 hour trip to get home, and with these guys higher than a kite on sugar, I needed off the boat soon.

At about 2:30 the line releases off the planer board, and Kolton has his fish. He struggles away for 5 minutes or so, and finally he tames a 8.5 lb Bull Trout. THE BOAT GOES WILD. Another round of sugar.

They all decide this is awesome and that we’re going to fish till well past dark. I on the other hand have another plan, and I suggest that we should go home and show their mom’s what we got for supper.

What a great day. What I really enjoyed watching was how they all rooted for each other, and congratulated each other on a job well done.

Since then I’ve been out on a few charters, and we’re getting excellent numbers of Bulls. Most now have recovered from the spawn last fall, and are really putting on some weight. The weather has really warmed up, and the snow has backed off, so lets get out fishing and beat the winter blues!!!

Tight Lines … Brad

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