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Fishing Report – March 4, 2007

As usual, February produced lots of Bull Trout, and fatty’s to boot. Most trips out we averaged 5 – 8 fish per day. The last couple of weeks though the numbers have been going up.

Case in point, was last weekend when Clint and Ed brought the boys up from Red Deer. Thursday we head out on the water, and put the downriggers at 77ft. and 53ft, and a Bill Norman and a fly on top. I get 3 lines out when the downrigger at double hockey sticks starts to bounce, and it really never stopped bouncing the rest of the day. We hooked 14 fish that day. A couple of fish at 53ft., and I was doing a tight turn at the end of the day, and the Bart Simpson fly was on the inside turn not even moving when a 12lb bull hit it. A great day. Would day two be as productive?

Yup!! But this time the downrigger at 53ft was the busiest all day. We hooked around a dozen bulls, and Hanks boat did around 14. Another great day!

Day three we head out thinking we had it all figured out. This was going to be easy right? Wrong!

The weather had changed, and we had strong winds from the south blowing in a different weather system. The downriggers went dead, but we did manage to catch a few on the surface. All in all a great trip though with lots of fish caught over the three day period. I’ve also never heard so many jokes being told in a 72hr. period. Must be a record or something. Just wish I could remember some.

Time to start booking spring rainbow trips. Last years primetime was April 25 to mid June. Also Bamfield salmon and halibut trips are over half booked, so drop me a line to get your prime time dates.

Tight Lines … Brad

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