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Fishing Report – November 20, 2008

What a great November it’s been. The weather has been fantastic, and lots and lots of fish. Most days out with 4 rods we’re hooking 12 – 15 fish per day. And although were not getting the 20 lbers like we did a few years ago, I’ve never seen so many 10 – 12lbers, which make for a great day. The fishery is definitely rebounding, and the Trout out of Arrow Lk. especially, are extremely fat and healthy.

I went over to Kootenay Lake to fish the Kaslo Bay Resort fall derby with “Team Mitchell” on the November long weekend.

Day 1: It was Dad and sons Matt and Markus. Although Dad was the captain of “Team Mitchell”, it became obvious soon into the trip that the boys had just brought him along to pay for the trip. I don’t think I’ve fished with two more hardcore fisherman. For the first 2 hours between fish I was bombarded with a series of questions all designed to see if I really did know my stuff. Fortunately I think I passed, and the fish were biting, so we concentrated on winning the derby at hand.

Halfway through the day we had already landed 10 or so fish, when we get a double header, and Dad lands a 9.5lb rainbow. Although it’s one of the biggest fish caught so far in the derby, I don’t think it will hold out over the 3 days, so we release the fish. We have a great day with lots of fish. The boys are doing more and more of the fishing, and about all I’m doing is driving the boat. We hooked over 20 fish and landed about 15, and I’m fairly confident that I didn’t release a $500.00 fish.

Day 2: Dad has been ditched due to an injury, and Mom is now “Honorary Captain” of “Team Mitchell”. Yesterday the boys kept telling me how lucky of a fisherwoman their mom was always catching the biggest fish, so I’m thinking there may have been a bit of sabotage going on to get their “lucky charm” on the boat. Anyhow off we go to the same spot to win the derby. The boys know what to put out and how to do it, so I’m just there to check their work and drive the boat. We have another great day, again landing 15 or so fish, and they keep a 9lb bull for supper. Lots of fat 6 and 7 lb rainbows throughout the day making for great fun while waiting for the big one. The only problem is that with only a half a day left in the derby, the 9.5lb trout that I released would have still been in 3rd place. Now I’m starting to panic.

I wasn’t able to fish the last day with Team Mitchell, as I had to fish on Arrow that day, but the boys went out in their 16ft. Lund to finish the derby. No winners, and the 9.5lb that we released did get bumped by a 10lber on the last day.

I really enjoyed fishing with these boys as their enthusiasm for fishing was second to none, and I know there will be a lot of big fish in their future fishing careers.

P.S. I got an email the other night from the boys Dad saying that Matt has decided to quit school, and become a fishing guide.
Don’t do it Matt. Stay in school. Besides, I don’t think I could handle your competition.

Tight Lines … Brad

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"Lots of big fish and good laughs, you are truly a professional and we look forward to fishing with you again in the winter on Kootenay Lake. "

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