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Fishing Report – February 9, 2009

That was probably the best fishing in January that I’ve had. Good numbers of Gerrard Rainbows to 14 lbs, and lots of fat Bull Trout. Rainbow trout numbers are definitely high right now, but I also think that slowing down when the water is cold is helping alot. Up until mid January most fish were on the top, but the downrigger started working well a couple of weeks ago. 51 ft was the magic number, but it might have changed in the last week. 50% of the fish caught were on the downrigger.

The Nakusp Rod and Gun Clubs fishing derby was a great success. That’s the most fish over 10lbs caught that I’ve seen in any derby. The largest fish was a 17 lb 12 oz Rainbow Trout. I believe 3rd was in the high 12 lbs. Our biggest was 11.5 lbs. Team Grizwold released all their fish, so that 11.5 lber will be in the running next year. Having said that, I do think that it will be 20lbs to beat next year, the way the lake is improving.

The only worry right now is ice on the lake. It’s trying to freeze, but the wind comes up just in time to keep it clear. The water is a cool 34 to 35 degrees, cooler in the marina, so it doesn’t take too much snow to freeze the top. Anyway we’ll play it by ear, and in another couple of weeks it won’t matter much as the weather warms up and we get some warm rains.

Hope to get out by the end of this week. February is a great month. Drop me a line and lets get out fishing to beat those winter blues.

Tight Lines … Brad

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