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Fishing Report – April 1, 2009

The Bull Trout fishing has continued to be great for the month of March and will continue into April. Excellent numbers of fish 8 – 14 lbs.

The Gerrards have been very hit and miss, which is normal for March. A few coming in to 15lbs.

The water temp is currently around 37.5 degrees, so the trout will pick up when it gets a few degrees warmer. This usually happens around the middle of April.

Last Sunday, I headed out with a crew. It was blowing hard from the north, so we pounded our way past the spot I wanted to fish, then stoped and came back over it going with the waves. I thought to myself that this was going to be really good, or really bad with this weather system blowing in. I just got out all the lines, and one of the surface lines started peeling line, and we coudn’t stop it for 200 ft. I swore up and down that we had a big Gerrard on, but it turned out to be a 13lb Bull Trout with attitude. Then 15 minutes later the downrigger starts bouncing at 70ft. I grab the rod as it releases, and it starts to pull a bit of line. Halfway up it shakes loose, so we were a bit bummed about that. I set it back up, and 10 minutes later the downrigger at 70 ft starts bouncing again. Dalyn grabs the rod and this fish is putting up a great fight. As it gets close to the back of the boat, all I can see is a chrome bar about 65 cm long. After we slip it into the net, we realize that we have a 6 lb Kokannee.

What a prize catch. Great job Dalyn!! I just hope I get invited to the BBQ. Nothing tastes better than fresh Kokannee.

Spring has sprung. Time to get out fishing!!!

Tight Lines … Brad

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