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Fishing Report – September 7, 2009

Hello everyone. Long time no talk. Been too busy fishing. Sorry about that.

What an incredible summer on the west coast. All the guides were talking of the best salmon fishing in years. The weather was also incredible. I think there was only a half dozen days all summer that we had to hide in the islands. That being said the inside fishing was slow again this year. We’re a little worried about the Robertson Creek run. Hopefully they figure out whats going on. That’s what’s so nice about fishing offshore. There are so many different runs going by at different times there are almost always fish.

It got a little stupid from the middle of July to the first week of Aug. The fish were stacked up at the southwest corner, or the shallows. For the first 3 hours of the morning we’d head out there and load up on salmon. The bite seemed to be best for the first 3 hours of the morning.

It was around mid July when Chad brought up 11 guys for 3 days. They all took turns over the 3 days. The first day out we had a limit of 10 chinook in the boat all over 20 lbs in the first 3 hrs of the morning. Then we went coho and hali fishing. At the end of the day we had 350 lbs of fish in the boat. The second day out was the same idea but a little slower with only 250 lbs in the boat at the end of the day. By day three I was getting a few complaints because we only had 150 lbs. These guys are wrecked for life. I had to give their heads a shake. This was obviously incredible fishing and it doesn’t happen every day, but it shows you how crazy this fishery can be.

By the end of August the big springs had slowed down, but the coho are thick offshore up to 21lbs. I go back on the 10th of Sept. for 11 days of coho fishing. Should be a blast. Noodle rods and fly rods with flies or spoons in the top 60 ft.

Time to start planning for fall Gerrard trips. The way the lakes have been improving over the last two years I expect a great fall fishery.

Tight Lines … Brad

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