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Fishing Report – January 29, 2010

What a month Dec. was. Excellent numbers of rainbows to 15lbs.

I think my favorite story was when my little buddy Tom came up for a visit, and we took the kids out fishing for a day. I had this pink fly that had been working awesome for over a month. So the first rod out I put this fly on my favorite setup, ( Tekota reel and convergence rod ). I put it in the water and checked to make sure it was running true, then handed the rod to Tom and asked him to let it out the back of the boat 227 ft.

I go to the other side of the boat and get my next rod rigged, and start to let that line out. Tom says he’s done, and asks what he should do with the rod. I say to just put it in the rod holder for now, and I’ll put it out on the board when I’m done with this rod.

I have my back turned to him as I’m letting out my line, but I can hear alot of grunting and funny noises coming from behind me. It shouldn’t be that difficult to put a rod in the holder, so I bark out ” what’s the problem over there”, trying to be as helpfull as I can be. I don’t know Tom says. This rod is really hard to get into the holder. I turn around to see what’s going on, and give him a hard time about being uncoordinated, when I see that the rod was wrapped around the back of the boat.You have a fish on I yell !!

I look out the back of the boat, and a 15 lb Gerrard clears the water. And what a great fight it was. She jumped a few times, and then when she got to the boat she took one look at Tom and sounded straight down 120 ft. Tom slowly worked her up, and we tailed her into the boat. Now that’s the way I like to start my day !!!

The fishing has still been good through January. Lots of Bull Trout, and some rainbows to 16lbs.

The weather has been awesome, and we’re keeping the cabin of the boat in the low 70′s for our comfort of course. No point in roughing it.

Hope to see you soon.

Tight Lines … Brad

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