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Fishing Report – March 19, 2010

As per usual, February and March have been producing lots of fat Bull Trout. Been a few nice Gerrards coming in as well.

Went up to the north end of the lake, and had a great time up the Arm on a couple of trips. Lots of action, and both trips landed at least one fish over 12lbs. The old standbys were working the best. # 32 Lyman plug in 4 inch model got us the big guy at 16 lbs. This was one old fish, and the boys were nice enough to take a picture and let him go. A couple of 20 lbers have also been caught down in the narrows.

The fish are extremely fat and healthy looking, which shows well for the health of a lake, and the amount of feed that is there. Hill Creek hatchery had a record Kokanee run this year, so all looks good for a few years to come.

I’ll be heading over to Kootenay Lake about the 20th of April, and will be fishing there for the spring fishery. Talked to Jason and the boys over in Kaslo, and they are doing very well, so I’m looking forward to getting over there soon. Water temp is already 40 degrees.

The snow has disappeared, and the days are warming up, so time to start planning a great spring trip for big Gerrards.

Only 3 months till salmon and halibut fishing on the west coast of Vancouver Island starts. Looking forward to that as well. Last year was just awesome fishing, and fisheries is calling for even more fish this year. The Columbia River run alone is expecting 500 000 fish, and they all have to swim past Big Bank to get home.

Hope to see you soon.

Tight Lines … Brad

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"Lots of big fish and good laughs, you are truly a professional and we look forward to fishing with you again in the winter on Kootenay Lake. "

- Blaine

"How do 3 and 1/2 men bring home their catch after a salmon trip with Kootenay Kingfisher

Answer: 2 cars and 6 coolers :)"

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