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Fishing Report – February 25, 2005

I had a day off last weekend.  So what does a fishing guide do on his day off?  He goes fishing, of course!

We had company up for the weekend, and decided to go out fishing for a few hours.

About 10:45 I started putting lines out and had just sat down to start driving the boat, when somebody calls me on the radio and asks how we were doing that day.  I explained that I had just got the lines out, and as a joke I said just give me 10 minutes, and we’ll have one.

Ten minutes later the downrigger starts bouncing, and I yell fish on!  Tina hops up and reels in a nice 8 lb bull trout.  That’s a nice start, and when I look to the other side of the boat, the planer board line is pulled back, so I yell fish on and Tony hops up and brings in a nice 7 lb bull.   We flip that off at the back of the boat, and after shaking hands, I see out of the corner of my eye that the other downrigger is bouncing.  I try to give the rod to my son Kolton, but the fish is pulling too hard for him to hang on, so I get to bring in a fish. A 9.5 lb bull that put up a great fight.

After all the chaos, we start laughing.  That was a busy 15 minutes, and now I’ve got 3 of our 4 lines out of the water.  So back to work I go and get the lines back out.

Fortunately the fish stopped biting for an hour or so, so we BBQ’d some smokies and enjoyed the gorgeous day.  Halfway through our meal the planer board pulls back and I yell fish on.  Food is flying everywhere as we all scramble and Katrina jumps up to the fighting deck.  I pass her the rod, and then notice that the downrigger at 23 ft. is bouncing.  I grab the rod, and at the same time that I set the hook, I see a nice rainbow clearing the water 150ft behind the boat. Tina jumps up and I pass her the rod – we got a double header going on!

Lots of giggling at the back of the boat as the two girls are trying to keep their fish from tangling.  A couple of times they had to switch sides and flip one rod under the other as the trout was jumping over the bull and trying to tangle the lines.

A while later things get under control, and we net both fish.  We decide to pack it up and go home at 2:00pm.  What a blast that was!  Some people said we had a great day, and I agree, but I think we had an even better 3 hours.

I’ve just finished redoing the website, so check it out at Lots of new info especially on fishing the Columbia River for rainbows and walleye.  Let me know what you think.

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