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Fishing Report – December 14, 2010

December continues to be excellent fishing. Still pulling hair on top at around 3 mph. Lyman plugs and flasher and hootchie on the downrigger is producing some nice Bullies. They have really fallen into a pattern with either the 215 or the 228 working almost every day. Makes life a bit easier for me. If you don’t have a half dozen of these flies, phone Miranda at Hook it Up Tackle in Nakusp, and she will ship them off to you. Ph# 250-265-0005 or . Also on that note, Miranda is restarting the Blue Knuckle Derby in January. The dates are set for Jan.22,23 / 2011 on Arrow Lake in Nakusp. Will be a great time, lots of prizes, and a great way to beat the winter blues. Lots of nice trout coming in on Arrow this year. I’m guessing the top fish will be over 18lbs.

One of the many highlights over the past couple of weeks was when I was out fishing with Wayne, Terry, and Donny for an annual four day trip. We had caught some great fish in the first three days, getting trout over 10 lbs every day, and up to 16lbs. On the last day we had some nice fish to the boat, but still needed a big one or two. At about 1:30pm the 228 rips off the starboard side planer board and line starts screaming off the reel. We got a big one yells Terry and he grabs the rod.I like it when the fish is pulling line, but once he knows he’s hooked he shifts a couple of gears, and really puts the line to the test. Terry tries to get the fish under controll while we slow the kicker down and try to get lines out of his way. About a minute into the fight, and after we had slowed right down, I glance over my shoulder and look at the two lines remaining on the port planer board. The clip with the 215 on it was pulled back about 8 ft and just stayed there. I yell at Donny to grab that line as we got a small one on. He grabs the rod, and as he releases the clip and sets the hook, the fish comes alive. Line starts peeling off the reel, then she starts jumping, and she won’t stay in the water. We know Donnys fish is over 10lbs but Terrys is still bigger, so we give Terry priority. Terry eventually lands his 18lber, and we’re all hooting and hollering when Donny says hey guys, I’ve still got a fish on over here. So we eventually net Donnys fish and it turns out to be a beautifull fat 15 lb hen. We take some quick pictures and release her. Talk about chaos, but an awesome double header, and a great way to end the trip. Way to go guys!!

Tight Lines … Brad

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