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Fishing Report – November 7

Getting some real nice fish the last week. Yesterday landed a 18.25lb buck
on a 215 bucktail. The day before our biggest was 18lbs down at 123 ft. So
they are yo yo ing still but one way or another we’ll find them.
Also getting some real nice bull trout down deep. Some days we had 6- 12
bull trout. Lots of small ones, but one or two big fatties. Then the deep
line starts peeling off line and you know you got a big trout on.
Two days ago we had real steady action till 1:00 pm with the 18 being the
biggest. At 1:00 pm the light switch turned off and we never got another
bite. The next morning out we go and in ten minutes we have a small Bull
Trout on which we lost. Another ten minutes pass and we land a 9 lb rainbow
from 123 ft down. Well this is going to be another great morning!!! After 6
hours with no bites my attitude has changed dramatically. I put out the 215
- ole faithfull. We get a small trout on it so back out it goes. Fifteen
minutes later the rod goes back but does not start to peel line so I think
we may have another shaker, but I see the fish swirling on top and it has a
huge tail so I know its not a shaker. So I reel down hard on it and set the
hook twice for good measure, and that wakes him up!! Off he runs and the
game is on. 15 minutes later Kim lands a 18.25 lb buck. Beautiful fish. He
decides to take pictures and let him go back. Thanks Kim!!
Don’t forget about the Kaslo derby this weekend. Going to be a big event!
Hope to get out fishing with you real soon. Have openings end of November
and December. Drop me a line!

Tight Lines … Brad Stubbs

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