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Fishing Report – July 4, 2005

Fishing is excellent on both the upper and lower Columbia River right now and will continue through the summer.

The caddis started last week and are coming off in clouds.  Anchored in a backeddy, the trout rise all around us – feasting on thousands of small caddis flies.  It’s hard to make a choice as to which fish to cast to, as you may have to choose between six or more rising trout at one time within casting distance.

The next morning we head out to get our limit of Walleye.

In the backeddies that we fish are tens of thousands of empty caddis casings from the hatch the night before.  And sure enough, the Walleye are there also sitting on the bottom just waiting for a jig and worm to drift past their nose.  We limit out in less than half a day, and head home with our limit of 8 per person.

The Walleye fishing will get even better, and I expect lots of 50 fish days this summer.

The caddis hatch will also continue to increase, and the trout have really put on the feed bags for the summer.

A great trip is to head out about 1:00pm and hammer about 30 Walleye, then at 6 or 7pm when the caddis hatch is really turning on, and the trout are getting into a feeding frenzy, fish for trout till dark.  What a blast!!!  See you on the water.

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