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Fishing Report – December 23, 2005

Fishing continues to be very good, and everyone is getting good numbers of fish.  Rainbows are hitting very consistently on hair when you get the ” Rainbow Ripple “.  Bull trout have been down at 50ft for the past week.


When young Wes and his dad came up for a couple of days, he was kept busy on day one with 15 fish coming to the boat.  The picture is of him holding an 11lb rainbow which he brought in, while dad had a nice bull trout on – one of two double headers that day.  Day two was a little slower, but we still managed to get 8 nice fish.  Twas a great trip, and by day two, Wes was pretty much running the boat and lines for me.

My friend Horace was up again to break some more IGFA records.  He currently has three records from Arrow Lakes.  One of the days he was up, we hooked 22 fish, and came within 1/2 lb of breaking a record.

This all sounds all good and fine, but remember that we were using 2 and 4 pound test line.  I’m used to the 4lb, and have no problem trolling any of my conventional gear.  When he pulled out the 2lb, I started calling him names like “your crazy”.  If you sneeze while holding 2lb test, it will break!  However, Horace has the proper gear for this line, and it’s amazing what you can do with it.  I almost started to relax by the last day, and now 4lb test seems like wire cable!

Horace will be back in a few weeks, and hopefully we’ll break some records then – lots of great fishing left this winter.

Tight Lines … Brad

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