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Fishing Report – August 6, 2006

The Upper Columbia River is fishing very well for trout to 5 lbs. T he water has gone down a bit, exposing the tall rye grass along the shores.  Casting or trolling apex’s and spinners along areas that drop off quickly produce lots of fish.

The Lower Columbia River is fishing well for walleye and trout.  The water has been higher than normal for this time of year, and that has slowed the walleye a bit.  Still getting 10 – 20 fish per day, and the water is starting to drop.

Nine year old Tynan came out for his first fishing trip with grandpa Horace and Dad.  He did an excellent job keeping the spinner on the bottom and caught a bunch of walleye.  He’s a natural, and going to be a great fisherman – hope to snag him as an assistant guide in a few years.


Duncan was up to stock up on some walleye, and do some flyfishing in the evening.  Limits of walleye, and some beautiful trout to 21 inches.

We were jigging in our favorite walleye hole, when I hook a fish, and it starts to peel line. I  hand the rod to Duncan, and the game is on.  6 ft 6 inch lite jigging rods, and 8 lb Maxima line, and this 5 ft. 80lb sturgeon comes sailing out of the water.  Round and round we go chasing him around the pool.  Duncan had the tension set perfect, using the 8lb test to the max.  After chasing him for 25 minutes, we are at the end of the pool, and if he goes into the main river.  We will never get him in on 8 lb test, and we won’t be able to get our gear out of his mouth.  Finally he lets out a big burp, which Duncan had said earlier that they do this when they are tired.  We get him to the edge of the boat, pop the hooks out, and take a few pictures of him in the water.  What a magnificent creature!!! Hopefully in a few years they will reopen this fishery, and we can target them.

I’m off to Bamfield on Monday.  I phoned this morning, and they are getting lots of fish up to 38lbs.  I’ll keep you informed when I get there.

Tight Lines … Brad

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