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Fishing Report – December 20, 2006

Last week Bob Asbury and Carl Mann were up to shoot another episode of Columbia Country. They were up two years ago and shot a great show, with 15lb and 12lb Rainbows. Well the presure was on to try and do this again.

The morning of day one we round the corner of Kaslo point and are hit by 4 ft waves from the south. Well,come hell or high water, I’m going south to Pebble Beach where I’ve been getting my best fish – so we bust into the waves for 45 minutes to get there. I don’t have a lot of confidence in there being much of a bite with this high wind, but we turn and go with the waves and adjust our speed so that the waves push and pull us. I only get out two rods, and the first starts peeling line! Nobody’s ready yet, but with some fast scrambling Carl grabs the rod. He gets the 8 – 10lb doe within 75 ft. of the boat, and she does a high speed run for the bottom of the lake and throws the hook! -Bummer!! That would have been a great start to the show.

Well we get the lines back out, and a 3lb trout hits, then a 6 lb dolly, then a 7 lb trout. Well this is going to be easy – all this action in the first hour or so. Then the storm kicks it up a gear, and all we get is another shaker the rest of the day. Not a bad start though.

Day two is another ugly day, but we pound our way up to the hot spot, turn to go with the waves, and get the lines out. There is a strech of about 2 miles that holds the most fish in that area, so when we have finished that strech we would bring the lines in, go back up the lake, then turn with the waves and fish that stretch again. We couldn’t turn and troll back up because the waves were too big. We did this about 4 times, and only had two shakers by 1:30. We were thinking that the 7 lber was going to be the biggest fish on the show, when the line behind me started to scream!

When I hear this sound, I turn into a spaz because of the high levels of adrenaline being injected into my body. It seemed like an eternity before I could get the zipper up to let Carl out. Carl grabs the rod, and this fish is still peeling line. I get the other two rods in, and the planer board, and Carl still hasn’t gained an inch of line.

25 minutes of charging the boat, and peeling the line back out. Carl plays the fish perfectly, and finally she tires out enough that I can slip the net over her. 20lbs and change. What a fish. Should make for a great show with that fight scene.

Tight Lines … Brad

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