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Fishing Report – January 15, 2007

After Bob and Carl came up to shoot the show, I had a couple of days off, and then a couple of days of ok fishing with fish up to 8lbs.  Then Dave and Kim came up for the day.

We had a beautifull sunny day out, and a south wind, but not too much had happened by 1:00pm.  We had three small trout to the boat, which we had released, but at 1:30 the board on the planer line tore off screaming.  Dave jumps up and grabs the rod, and the battle is on.  I mark the spot with the GPS to give us an exact location.

The fish is a big male, and puts on a spectacular fight!  About 15 minutes later we net the 16lber.

After we get the lines back out, and take some pictures of Dave, I turn the boat around, zoom in to the spot with the GPS, and head straight back to the spot where we caught the fish.  I’ve been doing this more and more over the years, as big fish will hold in a certain area together, usually because there is food there.

Sure enough we get back on top of the spot, and Kim’s line starts to peel line!   Another awesome battle, and eventually she brings in another male close to 16 lbs.  Two big trout within 30 minutes of each other – a great day!

On New Years day we entered the Gill and Gift derby on Kootenay Lake.  There is money for the biggest Dolly, and for the biggest Trout.  We decided to put all our eggs in one basket and just go north for the biggest Dolly.

There was a strong south wind, but we found a point to troll behind to help break the wind. In the first hour we lost a big one, then not a bite for about two hours.  Then the wind backed off a little, and it started to snow, and the bite turned on.  We had two dollies in the boat within 20 minutes – one was 29 1/4 inches, and the other was 29 1/8 inches.
We fished till 3:00pm, and got one more small fish, then started to pound our way back home aginst the 4 ft. waves.  Back at the dock at the 5:00pm weigh in time there was no trout, and Sandy’s 29 1/4 inch dolly won the biggest dolly prize.  Sometimes putting all your eggs in one basket does pay off!

January and February are excellent months for dollies.  Quantity of rainbows may go down, but the biggest trout of the year are usually caught at this time.

Also starting to book now for Bamfield salmon and halibut charters.  Need to get these dates booked early, as accommodations in Bamfield are very limited.  Will be another excellent year out there.

Tight Lines … Brad

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