Fishing Reports

Fishing Report – September 27, 2011

Hello Everyone … Made it back from the island at the beginning of September. A great season. Big fish were there to the end and a few big ones were caught at the derby fish off on Sept.09. As a point of interest, there was an earthquake northwest of Ucluelet and Tofino after the derby. I believe it was around the 11th. I talked to Hank after it happened about the fishing, and he said after the earthquake the fish disappeared. No feeders, no bait. Even the crabs all disappeared. Interesting. I’m sure when things have settled down they will be back. They must have moved to deep water offshore.

Got the boat all changed over to Kootenay Lake gear, and put her in the water last week. Fished a day and a half. Was pretty slow. Straight sun and 30 degrees didn’t help. The water is currently 64 degrees. Pretty warm. Need it to get down to 55 degrees.

Caught small rainbows on the surface mostly on the 215, and two bull trout down at 145ft on Lyman Plugs.

There are 2 rainbow derbys this fall on Kootenay Lake. The Woodbury derby is Oct. 8 – 10, and the Kaslo Derby is Nov.11 – 13. The Kaslo Derby is now put on by the Kaslo Hotel and Barrens Tackle shop. They have a website you can go to. It’  lots of door prizes and a free lunch at the Kaslo Hotel after

Time to book your Kootenay lake trip. Primetime will start around mid October. Prime dates are booking fast.  It’s going to be an awesome winter of fishing.


Tight Lines … Brad

Fishing Report – August 21, 2011

Hello Everyone …

Have a day off so thought I would send out some pictures. The fishing is awesome for salmon. Loads of fish out at the wreck right now. Fish over 40 lbs  coming in from someone most days. The picture of the salmon is a 41 lber we got last week.

Hali’s are a little slower, but getting some big ones.

I am booked till Aug.31 but if someone wants to come out and fish September 1,2, I would stay and fish those days.

Drop me a line on my cell

Tight Lines … Brad

Fishing Report – July 18, 2011

Hello Everyone …

Sorry for the delay in fishing reports. Been fishing hard. Been out in Ucluelet since mid June. The fishing has been very good, and they have been in close which is nice. I’ll be here till the beginning of September and then back home to fish Kootenay Lake for the fall and winter.

I do have a cancellation I’m trying to fill for salmon / halibut fishing. Either Aug. 4,5 or Aug 9,10. Hope you can make it up for this great experience.

Tight Lines … Brad

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"Lots of big fish and good laughs, you are truly a professional and we look forward to fishing with you again in the winter on Kootenay Lake. "

- Blaine

"How do 3 and 1/2 men bring home their catch after a salmon trip with Kootenay Kingfisher

Answer: 2 cars and 6 coolers :)"

- Vern



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