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Fishing Report – May 2, 2011

Spring is here!!! Having some warm days finally and it feels great. The lake has been a bit behind because of the cool spring, but is turning on now. Usually it happens around mid or third week in April, but is a couple of weeks behind this year. The fish have turned on to hair and Lyman plugs, so you can pick up your speed. If your looking for some tackle, Miranda at Hook it Up Tackle in Nakusp can fix you up with Brownies flies, and Lyman plugs and ship them to your door. Ph# 250-265-0005.  For flies I would start with the 215, 211, and 228, for Lymans 69, 10, 24, and the 32.

Around the first week of April our numbers of fish went down. We were getting 3 or 4 per day average with a few 8 fish days. The size was good though, with most of the fish 5 – 16 lbs. Numbers are starting to come up now as the water warms up. Fishing on Kootenay Lake will be excellent well into June this year.

Woodbury’s annual Dolly derby was April 22 – 24 this year. Day one had the best fishing for us, landing 12 dollies, with 2 over ten lbs. The next two days numbers went down to 6 fish. We ended up being two pounds shy of first place, and about a pound shy of third. Winning fish was 13 lbs. Incredible weather and a great crew made for a fun derby.

I’ll be fishing on Kootenay Lake this spring till June 11, then I’m off to Ucluelet for the summer. I have one trip left to book for salmon / halibut fishing so if your interested drop me a line. According to fisheries it will be another banner year. 500,000 Columbia River fish are expected to be swimming by as well as another run of 250,000 5 year old fish which are the big guys  40 – 50 lbs. Big plugs and spoons will take care of those guys. It’s also looking like halibut limits will stay the same for this year, so that’s good. I can hardly wait.

Tight Lines … Brad

Fishing Report – March 7, 2011

Kootenay Lake continues to be exceptional. I’ve been telling everyone to expect things to slow down, but the fishing has continued to be very good.

After the full moon in Feb. we had a couple of slow days, with only two fish landed per day to 15 lbs, but the 6 ft. chop we were in on Saturday didn’t help much either. However this last week I was out five days, and the fishing was great.

Monday – 9 fish landed – 5 over 10 lbs
Tuesday – 12 fish landed – 6 over 10 lbs
Thursday – 16 fish landed – 6 over 10 lbs
Friday – 10 fish landed – 4 over 10 lbs
Saturday – 6 fish landed – 2 over 10 lbs ( short day )

Both bullies and gerrards coming in. Probably 60 % bullies and 40 % trout. The bull trout have been exceptionally fat. Beautiful shape. A sign of a really healthy fishery.

I’ve been pulling Lyman Plugs, Billies, and flasher and hootchies. All working well.

Don’t forget about the special I have going till April 15. Up to 5 people in the boat for $350.00 per day + tax. You can’t beat that.

It finally feels like spring is just around the corner. Warmer days, and warm winds have felt good.

Tight Lines … Brad

Fishing Report – February 21, 2011

Well the first annual Hook it Up Tackle’s fishing derby in Nakusp was a huge success. Excellent turnout with 139 people entering, and approx 41 boats. The fishing was a little slow with only 9 fish weighed in over 10 pounds. A 17lb 5 oz bull trout took first. Over $1300.00 went to the first place winner.

Typical. We had fished the two days before the derby, and the fishing was pretty good. The first day out we landed 12 trout to 12 lbs and 1 small bull. The next day was a bull trout day with 3 around 10 lbs, and a couple of smaller bullies and trout. However things changed on the two days of the derby, and numbers and size went down. We still managed to land 7 or 8 fish per day to 9 lbs, so all in all not too bad, but no derby winners. A great time was had by all, and thank you Miranda for putting on a great derby. We’re all looking forward to next year.

Moved the boat back over to Kootenay last weekend and fished Friday and Saturday with Marlan and his crew.

On the first day we were pretty busy, hooking around 20 fish and landing 13. We had two fish over ten pounds. One bully and one trout. Pulling 4 inch Lyman plugs was the ticket. Flasher and hootchie at 53 ft also picked up some nice ones.

The next day I’m a little late for work. On the climb to the summit between New Denver and Kaslo, there was a semi jack knifed across the road. He had been there since 9:30 the night before, so there was no hope of a quick rescue. So back to New Denver I go and up to Nelson and down to Kaslo. A quick 3 hr detour and we were hitting the water at 10:00 am. We figure no problem because the day before they hadn’t started biting before 10:00am anyways.

We get set up around 10:30 and nothing happens for over an hour. I have 5 lymans out on the surface, so I’m pretty sure we have things covered, and just have to wait for the bite to turn on, but I’m starting to doubt myself. Finally ole blue tears off after 2 hrs of nothing, and we have a 10 lb rainbow to start the day. I slow the kicker down, and #69 starts hammering hard. We have an 11 lb Bull Trout on that one. Cool. It’s worth the wait for a double digit double header.

We pick away at a few more smaller fish, and then after a bit of a slow time, just before the sun went behind the mountains at around 2:30pm, lightning bolt starts screaming. Big Fish!!! Marlan grabs the rod and the battle is on. What a great scene. The sun was out, fresh snow on the hills, calm waters, and a big fish trying to empty your reel. Perfect!

After a great battle Marlan lands a beautiful male Gerrard at just under 20 lbs. Way to go!! It’s in bright spawning colors,so he decides to release it.

We get back to fishing, and just before quiting time we land another rainbow around 11 lbs which we also release. Turned out to be a great day even though we had a late start, landing 4 fish over 10lbs.

Marlan was nice enough to send me a video of the last part of the fight with the 19 lber, so if you’d like to see it, drop me an email, and I’ll email it to you. Lots of great fishing to be done this winter yet, so lets get out and enjoy it.

Tight Lines … Brad

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"Lots of big fish and good laughs, you are truly a professional and we look forward to fishing with you again in the winter on Kootenay Lake. "

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