Fishing Reports

Fishing Report – December 1, 2009

What a great month November was.

A very fishy month.

Good numbers of Gerrard Rainbow Trout 11 – 14 lbs. The usual gear has been working well on top, although I took a couple of rainbows at 77 ft.

The last week it seemed like most of the big fish were 7 or 8 lbs, and I was starting to wonder what was going on. The weather was very unstable, but there would be little breaks in the weather, sometimes only for an hour, and we’d pick up some nice fish. Fishing for Gerrard Rainbows is a patience game, and just when you think there is no hope left, the bite turns on, and you can’t keep them off the hooks.

Monday was a great way to end a long streak of fishing. There was 5 of us. I put out 3 rods, and still had 2 to go, when the first one started to pull line, and steadily gain speed. Tim jumps up, and wrestles in a double digit Gerrard. Well that takes a bit of the presure off. Now lets get some more!!! And we did. The weather was angry, and the fish were hungry. Went on to land 16 trout that day.

I have a few days off, but back out again on Fri. for quite a stretch. Hope you can join me soon.


Tight Lines … Brad

Fishing Report – November 4, 2009

Last week I was out for three days.

Day one we started hitting fish, but nothing of too much size. But we hung in there keeping busy with the small fish, waiting for that window of opportunity when the big guys light up. Sure enough at about 2:00pm we hook into a real nice fish, but after a short fight he comes off the line. We hope that wasn’t our opportunity of the day, and sure enough a couple of hours later the planer board line pulls way back, snaps free, and the reel lights up. After a great battle, we finally boat a 14lb Gerrard Rainbow. A great way to end the day. In total we landed 20 fish.

Day two I head out with a boatload of guys and set up the lines. Like the day before, we’re busy with small fish till about 10:00am when they decide to take a little break. Then it’s back at it a little while later. Again we’re waiting for that window of opportunity. Sure enough in the early afternoon, we hook into a small trout, then another, then another, then the line pulls way back again and releases. We’ve got another nice trout on. We quickly land the three small trout, to make way for the bigger fish. Turns out to be an 11lb Gerrard. Soon after we boat a 7lb trout as well. Turns out by the end of the day we land 25 fish including the ugliest Bull Trout I’ve ever seen. He had obviously come off the spawn a month or so ago, and had not yet recovered. He had the head of a 15lber, but the body of an 8 lber. All his fins were worn and torn up, and he still
had an orange belly. We let him go back to recover and hopefully spawn another day. Wish I had taken a picture of him for you.

Day three I head out with three guys. The fish are moody today. We pick away at a few small fish but were still waiting. I put a plug out straight behind the boat, attach it to the downrigger, and put it down 15 ft. Were in the cabin staying nice and warm, talking away when I hear a sound that seems familiar. Finally my brain clicks into gear that it’s a reel peeling off line. Three of us dive for the line at the same time. After a five minute battle however it comes unglued. Major bummer!!! We end the day with a couple more fat Bull Trout for the BBQ.

I total we landed 51 fish in 3 days.

I’m back out the end of this week. Will keep in touch.
Tight Lines … Brad Stubbs


Tight Lines … Brad

Fishing Report – October 23, 2009

I started fishing the lakes last Friday. Flat calm and mostly sunny. We managed to land 14 fish, but nothing to write home about. Bucktails and Lyman Plugs were the order of the day.

Back out on the water on Monday. Again flat calm most of the day, but on an outside turn at “Rainbow Bay”, an 11lb Rainbow slammed our fly and took off running. That fly must have been going 4 mph on the outside turn, making for an exciting take. The conditions then changed from a 4 inch chop to flat calm, so I put out a # 69 Lyman plug at 21ft. Half an hour later we had a 6 lb trout on it. We landed 9 fish that day to 11lbs.

Tues we won’t talk about. It seemed like I had no idea how to fish. No matter what we tried the fish were not very interested. We dropped a couple of short biting fish, and landed a couple of trout to 5 lbs. Maybe some of you know what I’m talking about. Anyways back to the dock I slinked, to lick my wounds and get ready for the next day.

Out we go at 8:00am on Wed. I’m really worried about a long day with few fish after yesterday. My only hope was that after a day of rest, the fish would be hungry today. Sure enough, I put a couple of flies out, and double header. Put them back out, went a couple of minutes and another double header. Well this helps a guys confidence. 7 fish in the first hour.

We ended up with 13 fish landed that day to 10 lbs.

Water temperature is around 50 degrees. Definitely in the money zone, and it just gets better and better. November and December are excellent Gerrard rainbow months.

The new boat with the hard top is just awesome with the diesel furnace in it. Nice and comfortable for the cool days.

Lets get out fishing!!!

Tight Lines … Brad

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