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Fishing Report – February 9, 2009

That was probably the best fishing in January that I’ve had. Good numbers of Gerrard Rainbows to 14 lbs, and lots of fat Bull Trout. Rainbow trout numbers are definitely high right now, but I also think that slowing down when the water is cold is helping alot. Up until mid January most fish were on the top, but the downrigger started working well a couple of weeks ago. 51 ft was the magic number, but it might have changed in the last week. 50% of the fish caught were on the downrigger.

The Nakusp Rod and Gun Clubs fishing derby was a great success. That’s the most fish over 10lbs caught that I’ve seen in any derby. The largest fish was a 17 lb 12 oz Rainbow Trout. I believe 3rd was in the high 12 lbs. Our biggest was 11.5 lbs. Team Grizwold released all their fish, so that 11.5 lber will be in the running next year. Having said that, I do think that it will be 20lbs to beat next year, the way the lake is improving.

The only worry right now is ice on the lake. It’s trying to freeze, but the wind comes up just in time to keep it clear. The water is a cool 34 to 35 degrees, cooler in the marina, so it doesn’t take too much snow to freeze the top. Anyway we’ll play it by ear, and in another couple of weeks it won’t matter much as the weather warms up and we get some warm rains.

Hope to get out by the end of this week. February is a great month. Drop me a line and lets get out fishing to beat those winter blues.

Tight Lines … Brad

Fishing Report – January 13, 2009

The Rainbow trout fishing on Arrow Lake continues to be very good. Still good numbers of 12 – 14lb trout coming in. The boys from Revelstoke landed a 14 lb Rainbow, and the crew from Castlegar landed a 13 lb Trout a few days later. Lots of 4 – 10 lb Rainbow Trout and Bulls mixed in as well.

I had a couple of slow days last week, with three 6 lb Bull Trout the first day, and three 6 lb Rainbow Trout on the second day. However, Hank was out the next day, and got a couple of really nice Gerrards pulling plugs as well. Unfortunately the trophy fish don’t bite everyday, but when they turn on, look out.

I’ve stopped pulling hair now for the most part, and have switched to plugs. Slowing down a bit seems to be making a big difference, as the water temp is a cool 37 degrees.

I keep trying to catch fish on the downrigger, but the surface lines are still outproducing. Even the large Bull Trout have been on the top. Usually by February the downrigger starts producing good numbers of fish.

The Nakusp Rod and Gun Club is having their winter derby in a couple of weeks. Jan. 24 and 25. It’s only $40.00 per boat to enter, and a great way to beat the long days of winter. So unthaw your boat and come on out.

I’ve added another boat to the fleet this year. It’s a 24 ft. Hourston. An excellent guide boat, and an excellent “swell buster” for the ocean. I’m looking forward to the softer ride this summer. More room as well, so I can take up to 4 people out to Big Bank in comfort.

I’m back out fishing in a couple of days. I’m developing a case of Rainbow Trout fever again, so another screamer should help me get over this.

Tight Lines … Brad

Fishing Report – December 9, 2008

Wow !!! Arrow Lakes has been going off. Most days out we’re averaging 15 – 18 fish landed per day, and getting rainbows 8 – 12 lbs almost every trip.

So when Wayne and crew came up for 4 days, I thought my promise to him for a trout over 10lbs was going to be safe. On day 1 we caught alot of fish landing 22. Two 8 lb Bulls were the biggest, and a nice 7 lb trout. Then the next day we awoke to 8 inches of fresh snow. I still thought the fishing was going to be excellent. I love those dark days. The big trout seem to love it. However they apparently didn’t like the falling barometer, and the constantly changing conditions, as it was mostly small fish to 7 lbs. Day three was the same. Barometer dropping fast, and conditions changing constantly with different fronts coming and going. We dropped our speed, and picked up fish in between fronts. Lots of fish, but the big guys were holding tight waiting for the weather to change.

Day 4 we head out with high hopes. The conditions are pretty good, and we pick up 20 fish by 11:30 am. Then the wind does a 180, and starts coming from the north. We keep picking up fish to 6 lbs, but at about 2:00 pm the wind backs off and things start to settle down. We pick up an 8 lb Bull on hair. This is fish number 28 for the day and they’re getting bigger. We do a big circle keeping close to what we call the Deerfoot Trail. 15 minutes later the longline off the side wraps around the back of the boat and line starts peeling off the reel. A great battle insues, and finally Wayne lands a beautiful fat 12.5lb doe. We finally did it! The weather settled down, and the big guys started to bite.

High fives, pictures of the fish, and maybe even a hug or two when another fish hits the line. It turns out to be a shaker, and now we only have 2 lines in the water. It’s pretty much time to head home, so I leave the 2 lines in the water, and start to bring in the planer boards. I look up at the rod tip, and it pulses, then goes straight. Then a second later it doubles in half and the reel starts screaming. Donny leaps over and grabs the rod. What an awesome fight this big male puts on. Donny finally gets him to the boat, and the fish repeatedly tries to tangle in the motor, making for a few tense moments, but we take our time and don’t panic too much, and finally the 12lber is in the net.

What a way to end the day, and what a way to end the trip. We boated 31 fish that day including 2 – 12 lb Rainbows. In total we landed 73 fish over the 4 days making for a great trip.

Lots of great fishing yet to be done this winter. Hope to see you soon.

Tight Lines … Brad

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