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Fishing Report – May 21, 2006

Kootenay Lake is fishing excellent right now.  Of course not all days are big fish days, but we’re getting fish every day out, and the chances of a rainbow over 10lbs are excellent.

This last week I spent a few days guiding on one of the tugboats on Kootenay Lake.  Old college buddies who have gotten together for the last 16yrs for an annual fishing trip had rented a tugboat for this years trip, and hired me to help them catch some fish.  The weather is just perfect the whole trip for cruising and fishing around Kootenay Lake, with lots of sun, and highs around 28 degrees.

Day 1 starts at 2:30pm, and we head out till early evening, boating a couple of bull trout to 9lbs.  We thought we had a monster on when Randy was bringing in the 9 pounder, as this fish peeled off a ton of line and was very hard to get in.  Turned out it was hooked in the tail. What a battle.

Day 2 we head north of Kaslo.  Not a bite for the first 2 hours, and I’m starting to get a little squirmy when the downrigger at 28ft. thumps a couple of times and then pops free.  Fish On!  Owen leaps from the top deck, and grabs the rod.  A little while later we net a fat 15lb bull trout.  The day continues great as we get another six fish to 7lbs to the boat that day.

Day 3 we start out of Kaslo and head south. I get the rods set up.  A nice chop, so I had four bucktails set out.  I sit down, and 5 minutes later I see the planer board line shoot back 15 ft. and release.  Line starts peeling of the reel, Bob grabs the rod, and I start yelling out orders to stop the tug and help me get these lines in we got a big one.  This fish has got some weight to him, and he pulls off a ton of line, stopping only to jump a few times.  Bob works this fish like a pro, and after what seems like an eternity, we finally see it 20ft. down looking like a chrome bar glistening in the sun.  Lots of tense moments at the back of the tug, as she dosn’t like to get close to the boat, and my net is about a foot or two short for the long reach down to the water.  Finally she swims into the net, and the hook falls out of it’s mouth.  Nice job Bob!!!  She weighed in at 18lbs – what a fish!!!!…..and what an awesome trip!

Tight Lines … Brad

Fishing Report – May 5, 2006

When it’s warm out, the fishing on Kootenay has been hot.

Last Saturday I went out with Alan, Patsy, Doug, and Bonnie.  We left the dock at 11:00 am, and planned to fish till 7:00pm.  We leave the harbour, and I start to set up the lines.  20 minutes later, the planer board line with an Apex pulls way back, and releases.  I hand the rod to Alan, and the battle is on.  A little while later and we boat a 14lb rainbow – a great start to the day.

We decide to take another pass by the point where we caught that fish.  I set up the lines again, and turn the boat around.  We get to the point, and the planerboard pulls back again.  Another big fish on.  I’m about to hand the rod to Patsy, when I feel him break free. Bummer!!!

Well no point in crying over spilt milk, so I send the line out, and we start to do another turn in front of that point.  We get in front of the point again, and the downrigger set at 28ft. goes crazy.  I set the hook, and pass the rod to Patsy.  She hasn’t fought a fish since she was a kid, but fishing is just like riding a bike, and she tames this 12.5 lb rainbow, as it dances over and over again behind the boat.

Well, I’m not going anywhere now.  Two trout over 10lbs in 45 minutes.  It’s going to be a great day.  We continue to catch fish on almost every pass.  We’re losing alot due to barbless hooks, but I guess that’s all part of the game.  Then a storm moves in, and we get a bit of lightning.  This slows the bite for an hour or so, but when it backs off we get a 5lb dolly, and a small trout.  Then the next storm moves in and the bite slows again.

It’s now about 6:00 pm, and the storm backs off, but it’s still raining a bit, when Doug yells fish on!  The clip has released, and the rod is pointing straight back as a huge trout is jumping and rolling.  I grab the rod, and he comes off.  I curse barbless hooks, but I guess that’s all part of fishing.

What a great day. We hooked 15 trout, 4 of which were over 10lbs, and one of those was around 20lbs.

Tight Lines … Brad

Fishing Report – April 27, 2006

My official derby team of Doyle, Debbie, and Tim, or otherwise known as “Team Grizwalds” was up for the Woodbury Dolly Derby in the middle of April.  We worked some tough weather, and rough water for two of the three days, but on day two we had one big enough to weigh in.  The minimum length is 30 inches, and our fish was 31 inches, weighing around 10.25 lbs. It was soon bumped, and by the end of day three, the winning weight was 14lbs 14ozs.
Always lots of fun fishing with ” Team Grizwald “, and I’m looking forward to salmon fishing with them for 6 days this August.



Kootenay Lake is fishing very well for big Gerrards now.  Last week there were a few big guys caught up to 24lbs.  Was over yesterday, and hooked two trout over 10lbs., and a bunch of smaller ones.  One we got in that weighed 11lbs.  An awesome fight on a bucktail.  A chrome doe.  The other one was a big male.  He jumped about 150ft behind the boat, and showed us the brilliant red stripe on his side, then spit the hook.  Great to see him and fight for awhile, but would have been nice to get some pictures.



I’ll be fishing Kootenay Lake hard for the next month, as this is an awesome time for big Gerrards.  The water temp is best between 45 and 55 even up to 60 degrees. Yesterday the temp was 45.2, so it’s just starting.

Still have some spaces open for salmon fishing in August. See you on the water.

Tight Lines … Brad

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"Lots of big fish and good laughs, you are truly a professional and we look forward to fishing with you again in the winter on Kootenay Lake. "

- Blaine

"How do 3 and 1/2 men bring home their catch after a salmon trip with Kootenay Kingfisher

Answer: 2 cars and 6 coolers :)"

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