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Fishing Report – April 6, 2006

The bull trout fishing continues to be excellent.  Marc, Adam, and Brian were up at the end of March, and we went up the Beaton Arm for a couple of days.  Lots of action boating and releasing 18 fish in two days – 15lbs, 13lbs, and 10lbs were the biggest.  Lots of laughs, and the weather was phenomenal, making for a great trip.


I’m installing a bow mount electric trolling motor with auto pilot on my river boat this week.  Should be just the thing to sneek up on wary trout, and awesome for holding over the walleye holes.  April is one of the best months for flyfishing on the Columbia River.  I’ll be heading out early next week, and will keep you informed.  Dragging wooly buggers on the bottom produces big fish.  If you’re interested in a trip give me a call.

Kootenay Lake will be picking up soon for Gerrards.  I go over and fish the Woodbury Dolly Derby in mid April with the “Grizwalds”.  They won the Blue Jay’s derby back in January with me, and we are all looking forward to fishing the dolly derby as well.  Should be alot of fun.

I’ll be leaving my boat on Kootenay Lake till the end of May as the spring fishery on Kootenay is excellent.  Once the water temp. warms up a few more degrees the big gerrards will be in full force again.  Still have a few openings in May for Kootenay.

Kootenay KingFisher is expanding this year!!! I’ll be going to Bamfield on the west coast of Vancouver Island for a few weeks in August, and eventually expanding to the months of July and August.  This is the best of the best for salmon and halibut fishing, with both offshore and protected water fishing opportunities in Barkley Sound.

I’m selling trips at unheard of low prices for salmon fishing for the first year only.  If you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity, give me a call soon, as I only have a few spots for this year.

So much fishing, so little time – hee hee!! See you on the water.

Tight Lines … Brad

Fishing Report – March 3, 2006

Kootenay Lake is fishing very well. The last 7 trips out we’ve landed at least one Gerrard Rainbow over 10 lbs. My top 3 producing flies have been the 228, 215 and the 205.

The Woodbury Derby was held over the weekend. All three top fish were over 20 lbs with the biggest being 21.75 lbs. Just like the good ole days. Shows that Kootenay Lake is very healthy, and we should have some great fishing ahead of us for years to come.

Wayne, Karl and Marteen, were my fishing partners for the derby. We had good success, landing nice fish every day. One of the highlights of the trip for me was to be releasing big fish. They kept a few smaller ones for the bbq, which is great, but the big unharmed trout they let go. It’s a great feeling to let go 12 – 16 lb Gerrards, knowing that they are future 20 lbers. Besides they still had lots of salmon in their freezer from this summer in Ukee. Thanks Guys!

My fishing buddy from Ucluelet, Hank from Pacific King Charters came up to do some hunting for a few days. We

decided to go out fishing one of the days as our chances for success would probably be higher than our success had
been so far at hunting. We had a great day on the water. The weather was good with a small chop. I was a little worried with only two lines in the water, but we kept changing till we found what they wanted. By the end of the day we had landed a 17, 14, and a few smaller ones. I lost one around 8 – 10lbs which Hank was kind enough to remind me of for a couple of days. Thanks Buddy!!

We had no success in the hunting department. Hank had to go home, and I had to go fish the Woodbury Derby. On my second day of driving over to Kaslo, there was our moose standing in a swamp by the road. He got to stay there as I had to go to work. Well at least we have better success at fishing!!!

Primetime Kootenay Lake has just started. Make this the fall that you catch a big Gerrard. Drop me a line!!

Fishing Report – February 1, 2006

Since mid January, the rainbow fishing has been either hot or cold!  Fortunately for my old fishing buddy Tom, it was hot the day he was out.

I had decided to use mostly Apex’s that day, and I was worried about the flat calm water.  However, the downrigger to my back set at 16ft. popped free, and the 7lb yellowfin started to peel line.  Tom got it in – we took pictures and let her swim free.  Next, Tom caught and released a nice bull trout.

After a couple of hours of no hits, I changed the color of the Apex on the surface to black/pearl.  Soon after, the planer board line zips back and releases, and a big trout is dancing 200 ft behind the boat.  I yell to Tom that his big trout is on, and he grabs the rod!

A great battle, and some time later we boat the big female.  You couldn’t wipe the smile off of Tom’s face.

I could tell by the color of this trout, that it was a female who was full of roe.  When I said this, Tom decided to take some pictures and release her.  And that’s what we did.  What a great day!

Last week I decided to go check out my favorite bull trout spot.  I usually don’t go till February, but decided to head up a little earlier this year.  I head up with Marty and Clint, a father and son team. When we get there, I drop the first downrigger to 45ft. It immediately starts to bounce – Fish on!  Well, that was easy, looks like they’re here.  We get the fish in, and I set the downrigger back up. I start to rig the next line, and the downrigger starts to bounce again. Looks like were in for a great day!

In totall we boated and released 26 bull trout in about 6.5hrs.  What a blast!

I went back a couple of days later with new clients, and we had another great day, boating 17 bulls.

Lots of great fishing left this winter.

Tight Lines … Brad

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"Lots of big fish and good laughs, you are truly a professional and we look forward to fishing with you again in the winter on Kootenay Lake. "

- Blaine

"How do 3 and 1/2 men bring home their catch after a salmon trip with Kootenay Kingfisher

Answer: 2 cars and 6 coolers :)"

- Vern



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