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Fishing Report – March 15. 2012

Not too much new to report on Kootenay Lake. Still good Bull Trout fishing.

Averaging 4 – 8 fish per day. Lymans, billies and flasher & hootchie all

working well. Colors change daily or hourly as all sorts of weather changes

have been coming through. It keeps you on your toes.


Getting a few nice rainbows, but they are pretty moody in this cold water.

Same gear working. Got a double digit trout the other day @ 99ft on a

flasher and hootchie. You never know where they’ll be on a certain day.

The Woodbury Dolly Derby is on April 6,7,8. Should be another great turnout.

The Dream Team (aka: The French Connection) and I will be out. We plan on

taking first and second, but third may be open. We’ll see how that plan

works out!!!


Look for the Gerrards to really turn on about the last week of April through

till the middle of June. We need to get the water temp back up into the

40′s. Good to book these dates soon as it’s looking like a busy spring.

Don’t forget about summer salmon & halibut fishing in Ucluelet. Looking like

another great year for salmon numbers. Great runs are coming out of the

states this year, helping us have great numbers of fish. One river I heard

of expects an increase of 500 000 salmon this year due too habitat and

hatchery enhancements. We’ll give those fish a run for their money as they

swim by Ukee in July.


Looks like fisheries has come up with a number for Halibut quota. I believe

it’s 981 000 lbs for the sport fisherman. That’s down from last year. Looks

like they may be closing the fishery a bit early again this year. We’ll see.


Lots of great fishing coming up this spring and summer. Let’s get out in the

sunshine and catch some rays and some fish.


Tight Lines . Brad Stubbs


Fishing Report – February 09, 2012

As expected February has been hot for Bull Trout. Great numbers, and great size. Averaging between 8 to 17 fish landed per day with 3 to 5 rods. Fish are in the 5 – 14lb range for the most part. Absolute fatties. They are in their prime right now. Billies and Lyman Plugs on top have been producing best, pulling at around 2 mph. Colors change every day of course depending on the weather. Flasher and hootchie down deep was working about a week ago, but the fish seem to be more on the surface lately.

The rainbows have been a bit moody lately because of the cold water. However the ones we are getting have been nice ones. The big spawners are starting to stage up in the north part of the lake, so catching more of these now. If it’s not a chromer, or going on your wall, we are releasing these ones. Hopeing for another record year at Gerrard.

Troll a fly or lures below 2 mph. Less action the better when the water is cold like this. It can try your patience, but the rewards will be huge.

The water may be cold, but the weather has been great. Most days getting above freezing, and the sun has been showing up as well. Got some color on my face on Tuesday on a beautiful sunny day.


See you soon!!!


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Tight Lines … Brad Stubbs


Fishing Report – January 09, 2012

December turned out some real good fishing, however it seemed moodier than
most years. Most days pulled out some great fish. Ended the year on a great
day on the 28th. Hooked into 6 big trout landing 4 of them. Plus a bunch of
smaller fish.The 210 was hot that day.

I haven’t been out much in january yet. Heard it’s been a bit slow, but I’m
sure it will pick up again soon. I love February and March.Last year we did
very well during these months. Lots of Fat Bull Trout, and the big rainbows
are heading up north to stage up for the spring spawn. Lots of nicely
colored fish at this time of year.

Looks like the Nakusp Derby is on again this january. The Nakusp General
Store (Ph# 250-265-3444) is going to put it on this year. The dates are
january 28,29. Think I’ll pull the boat over the hump back to Arrow Lakes
for the derby. A great turnout last year, and should be even better this
year, as everyone had a great time, and was wanting to come back.

The weather has been awesome making for great fishing days as well. Warm
weather and not much snow makes for great fishing, but not too great for the
local skiers.

Lots of great fishing yet too be done this winter. Hope to see you soon.


Tight Lines … Brad
Cell – 250-265-7110

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"Lots of big fish and good laughs, you are truly a professional and we look forward to fishing with you again in the winter on Kootenay Lake. "

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