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Fishing Report – November 29, 2011

Hello all. Just wanted to forward a few pictures out for you to see. Lots of great trips happening making for lots of smiling faces. The fishing is just awesome. Last trip out was saturday. We landed 7 rainbows between 11 and 18 lbs. Plus the ones 9 lbs and less. Day before we landed 4 over 10lbs and day before that we landed 4 over 10lbs. Lots of great fishing.

Kootenay Fly Company’s ( Brownies Flies) are hot right now. 215 with the new darker gray on top, 203, 210 with the pink crystal, 228, and 209 on a sunny day are all working great.

Back out tomorrow for 3 days. Hope to see you soon. Lots of great fishing to be done yet this winter.


Tight Lines … Brad Stubbs
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Fishing Report – November 01, 2011

Primetime Kootenay lake is on. Excellent fishing for Gerrard’s. Water temp is in the low 50′s which is prime. Most days out getting fish over 10 lbs or multiple fish over 10lbs.


I had Randy and Vicki up from Spokane, and of course first thing in the morning I’m telling them how great the fishing has been. Ya! most days getting rainbows over 10lbs, should be a great day! So out we go and I set up the rods. Nothing for 3 hrs, and I’m starting to look a little silly. Oh well, wasn’t the first time, and won’t be the last time I’m sure. Just keep on talking Brad and don’t let them see you sweat. Randy called it bonding time.


Then we get one around 3lbs, so that breaks the ice. Great here we go,  the bite is on.


Nothing for a couple of hours. You got to be kidding me. Well hang on guys it’s going to be an evening bite I guess. So we wait them out.


At 3:00pm, the guide is getting a little grumpy, and tired of changing out flies, apexs and plugs, when the root bear on the planer board pulls back hard, and my song starts playing on the Shimano. A great battle, with lots of arials, and we land a 9 lb rainbow. Great, awesome, now our spirits are lifted, but it’s still not over 10lbs. So I fix up the fly and put it back out on the board. Ten minutes later the exact thing happens, and we land a 7 lber. This catching is more fun than fishing, lets do it again says Randy! So out goes the root bear on the planer board. It seems to be the flavor of the day, so I put one out straight behind the boat. Ten minutes later the root bear straight back starts ripping, and then it shifts into second gear,and starts screaming. We got a big one I yell, and hand the rod to Randy.


What a great battle. Lots of power. This is obviously the big fish we’ve been looking for! After about ten minutes of fighting on the top, the big fish goes deep. Before we know it the fish is straight below the boat. Randy looks at his line counter, and it show’s 180ft. straight down. The big  guy just holds there, and won’t come up. It takes alot of work and about another 10 minutes for Randy to work him up again to the surface. We see the big red stripe on his side, and then he tears off again. Randy works him back for one last time and I slip him into the net. Now that’s how you end the day!!!!!

We take some quick pictures, and Randy says…. I knew a guy years ago that told me he released a 20lb rainbow from Kootenay Lake, and I thought he was nuts!! But now that I’ve seen one of these beautiful monster rainbows, I want to let him go back too. And with that we put him back and let him swim for another day. Thanks Randy and Vicki!!


Lets go fishing!! Drop me a line and we’ll plan a great trip, and a great adventure! Maybe we’ll even get some bonding time in. Ha!


Tight Lines … Brad Stubbs
Ph: 1-800-838-5269
Cell: 250-265-7110

Fishing Report – October 12, 2011

Kootenay Lake is fishing very well. The last 7 trips out we’ve landed at least one Gerrard Rainbow over 10 lbs. My top 3 producing flies have been the 228, 215 and the 205.

The Woodbury Derby was held over the weekend. All three top fish were over 20 lbs with the biggest being 21.75 lbs. Just like the good ole days. Shows that Kootenay Lake is very healthy, and we should have some great fishing ahead of us for years to come.

Wayne, Karl and Marteen, were my fishing partners for the derby. We had good success, landing nice fish every day. One of the highlights of the trip for me was to be releasing big fish. They kept a few smaller ones for the bbq, which is great, but the big unharmed trout they let go. It’s a great feeling to let go 12 – 16 lb Gerrards, knowing that they are future 20 lbers. Besides they still had lots of salmon in their freezer from this summer in Ukee. Thanks Guys!

My fishing buddy from Ucluelet, Hank from Pacific King Charters came up to do some hunting for a few days. We decided to go out fishing one of the days as our chances for success would probably be higher than our success had been so far at hunting. We had a great day on the water. The weather was good with a small chop. I was a little worried with only two lines in the water, but we kept changing till we found what they wanted. By the end of the day we had landed a 17, 14, and a few smaller ones. I lost one around 8 – 10lbs which Hank was kind enough to remind me of for a couple of days. Thanks Buddy!!

We had no success in the hunting department. Hank had to go home, and I had to go fish the Woodbury Derby. On my second day of driving over to Kaslo, there was our moose standing in a swamp by the road. He got to stay there as I had to go to work. Well at least we have better success at fishing!!!

Primetime Kootenay Lake has just started. Make this the fall that you catch a big Gerrard. Drop me a line!!

Tight Lines … Brad

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"Lots of big fish and good laughs, you are truly a professional and we look forward to fishing with you again in the winter on Kootenay Lake. "

- Blaine

"How do 3 and 1/2 men bring home their catch after a salmon trip with Kootenay Kingfisher

Answer: 2 cars and 6 coolers :)"

- Vern



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